House Rules


If you miss anything about the equipment and the inventory, you need help, please inform us. We are also happy to help you with questions and information on excursion tips.

Non smoke appartments:

Smoking is not allowed in the apartment or in the entire house.
It is possible to smoke on the balcony and use the designated ashtray.


Please empty and switch off the refrigerator before departure.

Please note that the dishes are only returned to the cupboards when they are clean. The same applies to cutlery, pots and appliances (coffee maker, toaster, kettle ...) Keep the fridge and the freezer compartment clean as well.

Do not throw any waste, food scraps, hygiene articles, fats or other dangerous liquids into the sink, washbasin, shower or toilet, as otherwise unpleasant blockages may occur.

Please do not enter the apartment with hiking boots or ski boots.

If the apartment is not left swept clean, final price will increase in addition to 60, - EUR for extra cleaning costs.


Dogs are welcome! Please keep your dog on a leash. We charge per dog a fee of € 5, - to € 10, - / day without food.

Rest periods:

In the spirit of a good neighborhood, we ask that from 22:00 o'clock to 7:00 o'clock the night rest is kept.


The keys to your apartment are also suitable for the front door. Please do not give your keys to outsiders. If the keys are lost, the renter is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs.


Parents are responsible for their children.

We take over no liability for valuables and accidents brought along.

Please make sure when leaving the apartment also to ensure that all lights are turned off - the environment and landlords are grateful!

Due Diligence:

The renter must treat the rental property with care and ensure that his fellow travelers comply with the rental conditions.

Nobody deliberately damages things, but it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would be glad if you report the damage and we do not notice this after your departure at the end of the cleaning.

The renter is liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs.
Experience shows that such deficiencies are covered by your household insurance.


We ask you to dispose of the garbage in our garbage room (located to the right of the entrance door) separately:

  • residual waste
  • plastic
  • paper
  • colorful glass
  • white glass

In Austria, the laws of waste separation are very strict. Therefore, we have to charge a fee of € 50.00 from them if the separation is not correct.

Sporadically, our apartments are checked during your stay to ensure impeccable condition.